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September 19, 2009
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The story starts when the Pokemon gang arrive in a small town (in which I don't know how to call it) and there's a Ping Pong Tournement featuring Ping Pong Master O.  When they arrived at the outdoor Tournement, they see O alright, but they also see a suprise next to him.......none other than Dawn's girl Ambipom!

Ambipom sees the gang after they sent out all of their Pokemon to play outside of the Tournement.  She asked O if she could play with them and he allows her to.  She joyfully skips to the Pokemon and spotted Ash's Buizel.  She secretly has feelings for Buizel and will decide to let it out to him today.  When Ambipom was about to walk to him to tell him how she feels, she sees Dawn's Pachirisu next to him.  Ambipom's confused. "What's going on?" she asked herself.  

Buizel and Pachirisu are just sitting there, then looked at eachother.  "Pachirisu, We had a awesome time together." Buizel says to Pachirisu.  She agrees, "We sure did, Buizel."  "Pachirisu, may I ask for-" "For what?" "A kiss?" Pachirisu blushed, and Ambipom's shocked speechless.  "Y-yes...." And the nightmare to Ambipom begins.  Buizel and pachirisu leaned to eachother and kissed.  Gliscor sees that and yells out "Buizel and pachirisu sitting next to a tree! K.I.S.S.I.N.-" Buizel and Pachirisu punched it (what? I still don't know Gliscor's gender!) to a tree.  They stopped kissing when that happened.  "QUIT IT!!!" yells Buizel.  "YEAH!" Pachirisu agrees.

Back to Ambipom.  When she saw Buizel and Pachirisu kiss, her heart breaks, and sits on top of a rock crying.  Suddenly, from the Pokemon group, Ash's Monferno walks to her.  "Ambipom....are you ok?" he asked.  When Ambipom sees him, she stopped crying and her heart's starting to heal, because she realized Monferno evolved from a Chimchar, and that he now might be the one for her, instead of Buizel.  

"Monferno.....Chimchar?! H-How did you evolve?" Ambipom asked.  Monferno answered, "The 6-on-6 battle with Paul.  I was the last Pokemon, and against Electabuzz, when I evolved.  Sadly, I lost against him and was badly injured.  So were all of Ash's Pokemon including his Pikachu, beside me."  He continues, "But we're all better now.  Ambipom...."  He starts blushing, "How's the Ping Pong Training Center in Vermillion City?"  "YOU HEARD?" Ambipom cried.  "Yep. Ash told me." Monferno answered.  She blushes so deep, her face becomes pink.  "Anyway....I-It's awesome.  I have the feeling I will become a Ping Pong Champion above all Pokemon!" she says.  

Monferno becomes suprised.  "That's great, Ambipom!......Ambipom? May I ask you something?" he replied and asked.  "Oh, I want to ask you something too!" she replies.  They both said "yes."  And, suprisingly, they both asked at the same time, "Do you like me?"  After it let out, they both blushed deeply.  They both nervously letted out a "yes."

They blushed passionately.  Ambipom whispers, "Monferno...." "Ambipom...." Monferno whispered also.  Then they leaned close to eachother.  Eyes closed. They kissed.

While that moment, the rest of the Pokemon crew, even Buizel and Pachirisu, went in a full circle around Ambipom and Monferno.  Gliscor almost let out a "Monferno and Ambipom sitting on a tr- rock! K.I.S.S.I.N.G." but it won't because it's afraid they will punch it, plus afraid that Piplup will Bubblebeam it when it let it out.  Oh, about Piplup, he now got heartbroken from both a Marill AND Ambipom.  He pretty much has feelings for her, too, but since she and Monferno are together, it's too late for him.  But he'll get over it.  Someday he WILL find love!

And so, Ambipom and Monferno are together.  During the whole Ping Pong Tournement and the after-Tournement festival, Ambipom, Monferno, and the whole Pokemon crew spent the time having fun, celebrating the 1-day reunion with their friend Ambipom.  Ambipom and Monferno spent their time together, holding hands and looking at the sky and the sunset.  But then it's time for her to leave back to the Ping Pong Training Center with O.  That's when she had to say goodbye to everyone, and especially to Monferno.  They gave eachother a goodbye kiss and she takes the bus back to Kanto, to Vermillion City.  "I will never forget you.....Ambipom...." Monferno thought.

Afterward, Ash, Dawn, and Brock returned all of their Pokemon except Pikachu (of course) and Buneary (she wants to spend time with Pikachu) and they move on.  The Sinnoh Journey to the Sinnoh Pokemon League and the Sinnoh Grand Festival (for Dawn) continues!
Watricshipping (Buizel x Pachirisu) is for pikachubuneary's idea.
Also having Buneary staying out of her pokeball is his idea too.
But the rest of the story, except for Buizel and Pachirisu's moment, about the Ping Pong tournement in some town, and Ambipom's reunion, is my idea. I agree that Dawn's Ambipom being with Ash's Monferno could be a better pairing than her with Ash's Buizel. I call it Monkeyshipping. I know that's Chimchar and Aipom, but that could change a bit, could it?

I'm sure pikachubuneary's Monkeyshipping part of the story can be more exciting. Just search up "Ambipom" or "Ambipoms back" for pikachubuneary's chapters of the whole story, or go to my "Ambipoms back" favorites collection. (The collection updates everytime a new chapter of it is born!)

Anyway hope you guys enjoy this story!

Sorry about that pretty hurtful beginning about the Watricshipping moment that kinda tore Ambipom's heart, according to pikachubuneary, but writing this is my way of feeling that Monkeyshipping takes place as an official shipping for Ambipom instead of Buizel, but that's not really pikachubuneary's fault. I have this feeling about that since I see that since Monferno has evolved, I'm sure Ambipom will fall in love with him when she either returns temporarily or Ash, with Monferno, visits her at the Ping Pong Training Center in Kanto.

To my opinion, this story coundn't be as good as pikachubuneary's stories. Besides, the comment by Legendaryfairy (thats hidden by me) letted me down a bit (bcuz maybe I took his comment the wrong way, maybe its just a figure of speech). Maybe I won't write anymore stories here, bcuz I actually (a bit) ran out of ideas for my stories until I get it suddenly when it hits me. Hmm, to make those more interesting, maybe I'll make my story in RP form just like his...someday, just not now!
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HaloSniper1338 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
Good story. I enjoyed it to be honest.
Cobalt-Starlight Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^ even though it's...old to me now >/////< I just reread it now that u commented
franky1127 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010
this is a great story
you got talent keep making more story
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Gurahk2 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009
Cobalt-Starlight Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank u
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009
That was pretty cute. But it felt kind of hurtful at the beggining.
Cobalt-Starlight Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, but atleast in the story, Ambipom got over it and with Monferno. thats my way of trying to get over Tradedshipping and get into Monkeyshipping from now on...and also trying to support Watricshipping with u
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